This is the age of computer games, in our times, we used to play with the puzzles. However, if you still have some children who are the lover of the puzzle games then you can do one thing – you can take a picture of that hit by your mobile phone and then you can put that picture in a puzzle picture frame. This can be a nice birthday gift for a child who loves to play the puzzle games. As parents, we should encourage our children to play the puzzle games, at least it's better than the computer games because if your children play the puzzle games then there creativity and intelligence levels will be improved.

Today I was searching for the hidden puzzles. As usual, 1st I tried the Google image search option. But unfortunately I did not find enough interesting pictures, so I tried another keyword – I searched for the hidden pictures on Google image and there I found a few interesting pictures. Look at these images carefully and you will see another image inside of these images. I would like to post more hidden images here like these ones, so if any of you would like to share, please let me know.

By the way, I have also invented an interesting thing about this pictures, if you look at the smaller view then you will see the hidden picture, but if you make it large then it will be difficult to find the hidden picture.

Hey guys, today I was searching for the hidden puzzle pictures and found some nice images...All are not nice though! But still you can feel interest to some of these pics...So lets see them now :) Look at them carefully, you will see the difference. By the way, is there any way to find 3D Hidden Puzzle Pictures online? Please let me know if any of you have any idea about this!

By the way, the images may appear smaller on blogspot. For a larger view, please click on the image.